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[EN] Site Rules

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  Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:00 pm
Site Rules

1. Use decent language
2. Respect the site users and the administration
3. No spam (posting, private messaging, emailing, etc.)
4. No warez (illegal software links, cracks, serials and anything else that violates copyright and active distribution rules)
5. No advertising!
- Advertising outside the ProfGamers Community via posts is stricly forbidden!
- Advertising in the profile is forbidden, except for personal sites, blogs, social pages (pages that are not created in advertising purposes)
- Advertising via PM, Emails via this bord are strictly forbidden!
Accounts created in advertising purposes will be deleted and the author's IP/Email will be permanently banned!

Account and signiture
1. No clone accounts (clone accounts will be banned/deleted).
2. Identity theft will be punished by permanent ban!
3. Use accurate data in profile information (apply for mandatory fields only)
4. Use decent signature and images.
5. Maximum length of signiture is 1-2 cm with total of text+image combined.

1. The title of a topic must reflect it's content (generic titles like "unban me", "give me admin", "proposal", "complaint" are forbidden)
2. Before posting check the subforum for any topics that contain rules of the section.

1. Double postings are forbidden. Please use the edit button!
2. Posts containing eg. "gg", "verry good", and those containing only smilies are forbidden!
3. Before posting check the first post on the topic (it may contain rules for the specific topic)
4. It is forbidden to use QUOTE when the message quoted and the one being posted are not related in any way!

1. Posts at special topics (eg. "Ask for unban"), beside the player in cause and the administrators of the game server in cause, are considered off-topic!
2. Forum moderators can issue multiple warning per post (ex. off-topic, language, etc - one for each rule broken).

By signing on the ProfGamers Community site means that you are familiar with the above rules!
Users that respect the above rules will be sanctioned.

- 5 warn: ban 1 week.
- 7 warn: ban 1 month.
- over 10 warns: permanent ban.

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