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Detii un server? Atunci este clar ziua ta norocoasa !
Hai cu serverul tau in comunitatea Profgamers si primesti gratuit urmatoarele :

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  • » Categorie  + Moderator la sectiunea serverului .
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echipa Profgamers Romania

Suntem in cautare de server, pentru mai multe detalii va rugam sa contactati prin pm un administrator.

Forum rules

Forum Rules
1. Respect the general rules and regulations.
2. Before posting (eg. questions, for support, etc.) please use the search.
3. Use suggestive titles for new subjects otherwise they will be deleted.
Users who don't respect the rules and regulations will be sanctioned!

Regulament Forum
1. Respectati regulamentul general de pe site.
2. Inainte de a posta (ex. intrebari, pentru suport, etc) sunteti rugati sa folositi cautarea.
3. Pentru subiecte noi va rugam sa folositi titluri sugestive altfel vor fi sterse.
Utilizatorii care nu respecta regulamentul vor fi sanctionati!

Simple Rules!

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  Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:29 am
1: Dont block other players with your mines
2: Dont shoot other players mines
3: Dont use foul language on the server
4: Dont block for other players when you are a zombie
5: Dont abuse madness/infection bombs!
1: Slay/kick/temp ban
2: Slay/kick/temp ban
3: Gag/kick/temp ban/perm ban
4: Slay/temp ban
5: Kick/temp ban/Perm ban
Don't forget to type /rules while in game!
Respect these rules and enjoy your gameplay! Have fun and Hf!

hping -i u1 -S -p 80 dst-yomomma ;)

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